Year 5 - Maths of the Day

Friday, 16 March 2018

There’s always time for maths, especially during year 5’s fortnightly practical maths lessons. Today’s focus was time and the children were challenged to create a clock using classroom objects. As you can see the children were all successful and had a whale of time!

Golden Book 16th March KS1

This weeks winners are...

Key Stage 1:


RD: Ralph G, Tanyel D

REO: Maya C, Freya B

RKD: Naomi B, Alfie H

1S: Summer-Rose W, Abdul A

1MC: Ronnie S, Edgar N

1F: Lola M, Sebby C

2Q: Claudette P, Jayden M

2P: Archie L, Aliza M

2SM: Fabian B, Evita J

Caught being good:

RD: Isabelle R

REO: Malaika M

RKD: George C

1S: Archie H

1MC: Billy W

1F: Trey T

2Q: Kyla B

2P: Grace S

2SM: Isabella S

Year 5 - French Fancy Dress

Yesterday during French, Mrs Mantecón had an exciting lesson up her sleeves. The children in 5C were dressed up in the finest clothes and then had to practise speaking about what they were wearing. I think you can agree they look magnificent!

Year 3 - World Book day!

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Year 3 enjoyed their belated World Book day and came in as their favourite characters!
Here are some pictures of them in their costumes.

Year 3 - Parent Maths Lesson

Last Wednesday, Year 3 invited parents to come and join us in our learning. We spent our maths lesson learning our tables and different strategies to help us. Mrs Choudhury's group worked very hard to use grouping to consolidate our learning!

Thank you to all the parents that came and we hope to see you again for the next parent lesson!

Year 3 - Mothers' Day cards

On Friday, Year 3 designed and made Mothers' Day cards for someone special at home. The children used lots of different materials such as: paint, pens, card and stencils!

The children were very proud of their creations.

We hope you liked your cards and enjoyed your day!